Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb. 19: Snow Day, with Boys

(Opening note: I think it's funny how the blog says, "After clicking "done" you can view your photos" and there's this block of URL stuff but no picture. I do know how to see it, but it's not quite as smooth as they say. Heh.)

This is my study last night, complete with hyacinth in matching color. Breathe deep: can you smell it? It's lovely.

I did manage to get over the productive vacation hex, helped by two overnight guests, "Prince Caspian," the stormy forecast (coming true even as I write), making oven baked donuts (rising as I write), and a general sense of humor. We had a nice evening and a good dinner. It was great to watch "PC", which we'd missed when it came out due to Ellsworth's lack of movie theater, and it was a coup for the boys to have selected a movie that we ALL wanted to watch! It was a long one, though, and we ended up in bed around 11, so it's quiet around here right now, though the phone calls are coming about practices being cancelled and once I put the donuts in the oven, I bet they'll be down.

Nice cozy snow day today. Yay!

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