Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pondering February

Well, I love the starts of months, and I am, for some reason, especially happy to see February start this year. Part of it is that Elder Son arrived home today after a week in the Dominican Republic, and part of it is that January has been a fairly unsettled month for me (as well as a bitter cold and snowy one) and I'm glad to see the back of it. I am hoping to jolt myself into some different patterns, as I'm in a fairly predictable cabin fevery place, where it seems way too much to invite people over or to go out, but at the same time life seems drearily the same. So: one idea I had was to try to blog a bit every day in February. Every day. That would certainly get me doing more writing, but I'm not sure why I would bother to write publicly rather than just in a notebook--I guess just because it's more fun.

So. Here's day one, and entry one.

Five things:
1. I'd like to get a pedicure. Maybe this weekend, maybe with Andrea. I'll see.
2. I'd love to have some flowers in the house. My amaryllis was underwhelming this year, both in color and in size--a pale greeny white yellow, four small blossoms, and only one plant. Compared to last year's extravaganza of blooms and colors--quite a letdown.
3. It is so nice to look over to the blue chair and see that tall lanky body of The Returned Son!
4. I love the color of my study, freshly painted over the summer. Even tho at times I think it looks like pepto bismol, I just love it.
5. I like Elizabeth Zimmerman's writings about knitting, but it is almost impossible for me to understand what she's saying without pictures. I am truly a visual learner when it comes to knitting techniques!

In closing, I will post a pic that will present the color of my study. . . . just for inspiration (or for the reduction of heartburn, though feel free to keep it to yourself if that's your response!). (On reflection: I took it right after the Great Paintjob and it's sort of silly, as the proud owner and color-chooser herself is front and center. BUT: there it is.

And February Post #1 is done!

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