Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb. 25: Ash Wednesday

It's a lovely late afternoon and soon I will head over to the Union River Congo. church for the Ash Wednesday service. I was offered chocolate everywhere I turned today it seemed. . . but I refused. I didn't manage to get to the libe to get Man's Search for Meaning so I'm partway there.

I have three more February entries and then I will be done with my self-imposed goal of one entry per day for February. Hmmm. It's been interesting to do!

I finished the sleeves on Jesse's sweater during my long afternoon meeting! YAY! And--even more "yay!"--I started a pair of booties for Shelagh's baby in some great Regia yarn. Cute, colorful, small. . . a nice change, tho they will just be meeting knitting till the sweater is DONE!


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