Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb. 12 make that 11!: Disconnected Thoughts

Good meeting this am to plan the Big Project in our joint class. Went well. As we all pointed out, we've come a LONG way from where we were when we started meeting as a team, back. . . well, about a year ago! Fun to see S. out to here with her baby too!

Due to rain tonight--not hard, and just to rain, not to freeze or sleet--and that is some welcome!

I am starting a vacation wishlist, and it includes

--neaten/organize study done on Monday
--finish Jesse's sweater working on it! Sleeve increases done!
--read a. lot. well. Started off strong, on a drag now.
--pedicure: self or fancy self! Saturday!
--sew with Audrey? YEP!
--tidy living room partly.

Wow. That looks like a week's worth, nearly. . . . !

This is an aimless post. I am going back to reading Summertime and The Lost Estate. Have ordered two of Barker's books that I haven't read for a vacation treat but since they're coming from the UK, I bet they'll get here a week after vacation. Ah well.

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