Friday, February 13, 2009


My friends and family will undoubtedly get sick of that word, because I just encountered it in a magazine article and I love it! It's clever and sounds great and, better yet, it's exactly what we are having for the next nine days! Actually, it will be eight days because Sunday the 22 involves a trip out of the county (gasp) and down to Brunswick for BH's brother's 50th b'day. Good thing BH and I aren't that old. Oh wait. . . . we almost are!

Had fun picking out fabric for the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt I'll make on the 28th as a workshop at Sewing by the Sea, and resisted the urge to spend too much money/get fabric for two and stayed modestly optimistic but not crazy. Then BH and I picked up our repaired dog from the vet (Look, Mom, new ACL!) and tho he's shaved pink and has a yukky gash on his leg, it's nice to have him situated at home again. BIG check mark.

Thus starteth the staycation. Back to reading, with maybe a little dark chocolate to follow. Yum.

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