Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb. 20: Winter Again!

This morning it's Winter again, and a lovely one at that. We got to bed early last night--around 10--and so when I woke up around 6, I just got up. We got about 6 - 8" of snow, and apparently no rain, though it was about 32 the whole day. The snow has stuck to the branches and wires, and has covered up all the blech exposed by the melting of February, so the whole world is in love with Winter again--the whole world except for our big old cat, who far preferred the crusted snow that she could walk on without getting wet!

Today will feature the sad signs of the gathering end of vacation: dentist and eye doctor appointments, a trip to the vet to have the dog's stitches out, school work done with a sense of inevitability. BUT: it is still vacation, and it's even Friday. Bonus!

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