Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb. 24: Pondering. . .

. . . any number of things, including:

1. How can one day take one from calm and rejuvenated to overwhelmed and disorganized? Ahh, teaching.

2. What should I give up/take up for Lent? I am thinking perhaps chocolate will head out the door--that one hurts, but it's not enough of my diet to be a secret form of dieting. I did it once, in college, and that was a Lent I was aware of! In addition, I think I'll try to read Man's Search for Meaning or reread Calmly Plotting the Resurrection. I've been meaning to do the former for a long time, and I did enjoy the latter. So. I'll give myself till Ash Wednesday night to decide.

3. How will my frosh like Much Ado? Should I offer BOTH Much Ado and Romeo and Juliet? Hmmmm.

4. How can I get time to do good planning and good correcting of all this make up work?

5. Is there another job out there that's easier than and as fulfilling and fun as teaching, or is it just a matter of the grass is always greener?

I will close with a picture of my hyacinth looking at the snow.

I think it is darn grateful not to be out there!

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