Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day

And it was warm and moist today--easily up in the mid-thirties, even without (much) sunshine! It felt terrific: it's been so dry, to say nothing of the cold, that the soft air felt like a gift. So, yay, February!

Today was a good day to pull out some old material and deal with it, partly because I did good correcting work last night and yesterday afternoon so I was less stressed than usual in that department, and partly because. . . well, if you don't deal with stuff for a while, it gets to the point where you have to deal with it, or else! So. . . I did some brainstorming with W. about Library Trustees, and managed to work past the "Aiieeeeee!" stage that I have been at for a while, since I am maturing as a chairperson and realizing that I have a weak grasp of our true function and responsibilities, and since the issues surrounding the crazy busy Friday afternoons have been coming to a head. It was great to have W. to talk to: as she said, "leadership is leadership no matter where it is!" and she's got a lot of experience in that. So. I have a better handle on that situation and a sense of where to go when and why. Now doing it is all that needs to happen.

I also did various prep and photocopying of things for classes. Yes. Then I came home, ordered BH's valentine present, and emailed a friend to see if we can have tea sometime since I have hardly seen her since November!

Another affirming thing was that I sat down with a cup of Lapsang Souchon (yum) and read over our church's annual report and bulletin for February. And I felt amazed and proud: in that church family there are a lot of people working really hard to make things work, and to show love, whether community love or Christ's love or their individual love, to other people, and that makes me really happy and proud. The icing on the cake was that the Evening Circle, a staunch and staid group of traditional "church ladies," donated $500 to the Downeast Aids Network. Now that's something you probably wouldn't have seen 20 years ago!

I'd say Groundhog's Day was pretty darn good.

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