Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb. 22: Last Day. . .maybe!

The weather forecast has us all whipped into a frenzy, though luckily the "heavy snow" and "strong winds" and other promises aren't due to start till after we get home from Brunswick. They DO sound, however, like we might get that ephemeral, much-longed-for, rarest of beasts: the snow day after a vacation. We'll see. . . and since we all have been quite motivated to get our work done and dusted before today due to the trip south, our interest is more academic than it often is, but still lively and optimistic!

And it is still lovely around here. BH and I went for a quick walk last night to admire the stars, and we were remarking how even though there is more snow than ever, and even tho it's still cold (1 this morning, in fact!), we feel like Spring is nearing. Yesterday Younger and I had a wonderful time sledding--both the motion and the setting were outstanding. The sun, the snow, the company, the fresh air. . .it was all terrific. Unfortunately my camera batteries, long ailing, gave up the ghost 100% upon our arrival, so no pictures of the moment, but BH offered a sunset pic he took the day before:

The lawn at the Black House was a scene off the most fairy-tale-like puzzle box one could imagine. But with more screaming!

I haven't the foggiest idea what I will do with another day if we get one. But I'll come up with a plan, I have no doubt: I think it might involve Jesse's sweater and chocolate tea bread. Hmmmm. Yeah!

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