Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb. 23: Feels like. . .vacation!

Yessss! We got a snow day, and good one it was: we have at least a foot of thick, heavy snow, and more has been coming all day. Our neighbor snow blew (blowed?) the driveway for BH, since his back told him it was too much of a good thing to expect to shovel Thursday, drive four hours on Sunday, and shovel again on Monday. . . Thanks, Ken! The picture above only partly shows the incredible layering of the snow: usually we can see through the woods, but today it's very dense and Narnia-with-the-White-Witch. Where's the lamppost?

I am currently alone in the house as BH has gone to school to "red up" for tomorrow, Elder is sledding at the h.s. with friends, and Younger is playing on the huge drifts (We call them the Alps!) behind some nearby stores with his friend. I am sort of between things, but I think I'm moving toward the study and some loose ends of school work, a candle, maybe another cup of tea, and some music. We've done some picking up, but we certainly aren't neat yet, so I could do that, too. BUT. Have made orange soup and a trial batch of Country Living's Chocolate Tea Cake. Yum.

Most excitingly, the birds are at my feeders! Small wonder, really, considering how everything is coated inches deep, but it was great to see house finches, chickadees, and what I think are either immature or female goldfinches clustered around both my feeders within a half hour of my cleaning them off. I love watching them, and I am glad they're getting fed!

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